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Charkra Gemstone Bracelet

Charkra Gemstone Bracelet

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Experience spiritual balance and realignment with our beautiful charkra gemstone bracelet. Crafted with a gorgeous array of gemstones, it radiates a powerful energy and adds a touch of colour to any look. Be the embodiment of tranquility and harmony. Our crystal chips are carefully tumbled and polished and strung together with stretch crystal thread. 

Crystals are said to have many benefits and can balance the charkras. Each of our charkra bracelet's contain the following 7 crystals:

Amethyst - Purple

Lapis lazuli - Dark blue

Carnelian - Orange 

Citrine - Yellow

Dyed howlite - Blue

Aventurine - Green

Size: Inner diameter 55mm Beads 7-10mm

Please Note: The color may be slightly different from the picture because of different display device.

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