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Lava Rock Bracelet

Lava Rock Bracelet

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This minimalistic lava rock bracelet is made with an adjustable cotton cord and a lava rock bead, offering a natural minimalist touch to your wrist.

Lava rock is great for diffusing natural essential oils. Simply place a couple drops of your favourite essential oil onto the lava stone, which will then absorb and release the scent throughout the day and into your skin while you wear the bracelet. Perfect for your mind and body.

Essential oils are amazing for many different issues such as anxiety, stress, grief, sickness, clarity, and much more. Find the best oil for your specific needs and use daily for ongoing well-being. Please be aware some oils are not suitable for skin, and we recommend you research your oils and decide which is safe and best for your personal needs.

Size: about 42~75mm inner diameter, link: 20x10mm.

Please note: The colour may be slightly different from the picture because of different display devices.

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